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About us

Like most retired people, I suddenly found myself with time on my hands and a need to connect. Both my husband and I are retired educators. Mike has an involved hobby with hunting but I needed something to hunt so I turned to vintage things. In 2012 I rented a small booth in an antique mall in Nacogdoches and quickly filled it. The hobby became a passion and it didn't take long for Mike to be hooked into it as well. Collecting grew, booth locations grew, then we decided to strike out on our own. We searched for the perfect place, thought we had found it just for that to fall through, but then the perfect place really did appear. We found a charming house built in the 1800's in the historical district. We tracked down the owners who had recently bought the house and were doing repairs. I made a phone call, followed up with a letter and received a call back from them a few weeks later with the good news that they had decided to lease it to us.

One of my fondest memories of my childhood is a playhouse in our backyard that my dad build for me when I was very young. I have always like playing house and now, I can play house in a different way in this charming old home. It gives me an opportunity to enjoy the great things I find and then let them go as they find new homes. Many of the things I have for sale have a connection to a fond personal memory - for instance, I have a great collection of vintage handkerchiefs that make me think of my Grandmother, a vintage kitchen room with things I remember from my parents' and grandparents' homes, and a man cave which houses my husbands favorite memory of baseball.

The house itself is a treasure just to walk through. It still has original wooden floors, old fireplaces and lovely windows with lots of natural light. We fly the Fredonia Rebellion flag and the Texas flag on the old front porch that extends across the front of the house where we often sit and rock between customers. In the summer you can shop for outdoor goods in the white fenced courtyard. We hope you visit soon, and, of course, like us on facebook!